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Auto Clearing All Make & Performance is the Western Canadian Distributor for American Racer® Tires. We are committed to the future of racing and will work hard to supply tires that provide safe, competitive racing at a fair price with the support that every racer spending their hard earned money deserves. From the Manitoba/Ontario border West we are your call for Race tires of all types!!
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Featured Products

Titan Spring Pre-Load Cartridge

Titan Spring Pre-Load Cartridge

  • Fits 10" & 12" x 3" Diameter Springs
  • Enlarged I.D. to fit most Shock Bodies
  • Has an Incorporated Rubber O-Ring as a travel indicator
  • Machined out to allow the release of heat around the shock
  • Extra depth on the top of the body to fit all brands of shock nuts
  • Fits AFCO, JRI, Ohlins, Penske, Pro and others.
  • **** Does not fit QA1 6200 Series ****

CNC machined aluminum spring cage allows you to pre-load a 3” x 10” coil over spring independently of the shock. This allows for quick and easy shock and spring changes. Used commonly on the right rear of asphalt late models with softer springs from 100# to 200#. If you take the free height of a 150# spring and add 1 inch of pre-load, you now have a spring that has 300 lbs of pre-load. As the car transfers the pre-load lightens and the spring acts like its much lighter. In turn giving more forward traction.

Bicknell Racing Drive Pulley Kits

Bicknell Racing Drive Pulley Kits

We have hooked up with the great folks at Bicknell Racing Products to bring you their outstanding drive pulley systems. We have great stock on pulleys and brackets to put together the Drive system that fits your needs. Whether it be a 602 or 604 crate or any other SBC engine we can put together a kit for any budget. We can also build your kit around some of your current parts. Whether it be the latest greatest 7mm Pulley Kit or a combo V-Belt/Serpentine system it's all available.
Hawk DTC Brake Rotors

Hawk DTC Brake Rotors

Hawk Performance has developed the ideal rotor that optimizes brake performance and durability for short track racing. Our DTC rotors combine advanced design and metallurgy to create the perfect “match set” system when run with our DTC brake pads. More stopping power and longer life are what you get when you install DTC rotors and pads!
Kirkey Seats.......................

Kirkey Seats.......................

The Kirkey 70 Series Containment Seat. Designed for street stocks, IMCA modifieds, crate late models, short track racing. It is the best value in a containment seat currently on the market. Available in five sizes, 13", 14", 15", 16", 17". Kit consists of seat with black cloth cover. Replaces your economy or standard seat. 20 degree layback. Designed to accommodate all head and neck restraint systems. MIG welded from 0.100" and 0.125" thick 5052 grade aluminum. Head and Shoulder Restraints are adjustable 1.5" vertically. Reinforced head and shoulder restraints for additional support. Energy absorbing impact padding on head restraint. Head designed for easy entry and exit from race car. Designed to accommodate all 5 or 6 point seat belts. Molded rubber inserts for all seat belt openings. Easy to install black tweed cover. Contoured high-density foam bottom provides complete leg and inner thigh support. Modular design allows for lower shipping costs.
AFCO Slotted Pillar Vane Brake Rotors

AFCO Slotted Pillar Vane Brake Rotors

  • Designed using premium grade alloys.
  • Machined and double disc ground to assure precise flatness.
  • Precise pillar placement for high volume cooling.
  • Premium center - split castings reduce stress risers.
  • Rotationally CNC machined balanced. 
AFCO Pillar Vane Rotors have been engineered to provide superior strength, reduced rotor weight, and an overall cooler run operation. At the heart of each rotor, there are diamond shaped pillars that provide brake pad surface stability throughout the operating temperature range. The pillar vane design also reduces the overall rotating weight of your rotors which means faster lap times. So check them out and you will notice these AFCO pillar vane rotors are lighter than other competition brake rotors of similar strength with outstanding performance and stability.