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Auto Clearing All Make & Performance is the Western Canadian Distributor for American Racer® Tires. We are committed to the future of racing and will work hard to supply tires that provide safe, competitive racing at a fair price with the support that every racer spending their hard earned money deserves. From the Manitoba/Ontario border West we are your call for Race tires of all types!!
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Featured Products

Coleman HDC Core Aluminum Drive Shaft

Coleman HDC Core Aluminum Drive Shaft

This revolutionary new drive shaft form Coleman features a special core that absorbs harmonic vibrations transmitted between the transmission and rear end. The HDC (Harmonic Dampening Core) drive shaft features precision yokes, custom manufactured tight tolerance 3" O.D. aluminum tube, precision 1310 series u-joints.
Driven Race Wax

Driven Race Wax

Race Wax delivers a low-drag, high-gloss finish that protects any surface. Developed for use by Joe Gibbs Racing, Driven Racing Oil Race Wax is a performance spray wax and cleaner that delivers a smooth, glossy finish and effectively sheds dirt, tire rubber and track debris. This race-proven product is perfect for cleaning and protecting painted surfaces, full decal wraps and fiberglass panels. Providing unmatched protection for decal graphic wraps, this wax enables a new level of design creativity in vehicle styling. Designed for quick and easy application, this wax will not damage the decal, paint or windows, and clean up is simple. Driven Racing Oil Race Wax is available in 24 oz. spray bottles and creates a perfect, eye-catching shine.
Billet 1310 U-Bolt Straps

Billet 1310 U-Bolt Straps

You'll never over tighten with Fastshafts billet U-bolt straps. These strap kits fit your quick-change rears, ball spline, and Ford 9 in. Fits 1310 U-Joint with 1 1/16 in. bearing caps. Fastshafts includes case-hardened bolts and nuts, plus flat and lockwashers.  Stay on the fast track with Fastshafts billet U-bolt strap kits.
Titan Spring Pre-Load Cartridge

Titan Spring Pre-Load Cartridge

  • Fits 10" & 12" x 3" Diameter Springs
  • Enlarged I.D. to fit most Shock Bodies
  • Has an Incorporated Rubber O-Ring as a travel indicator
  • Machined out to allow the release of heat around the shock
  • Extra depth on the top of the body to fit all brands of shock nuts
  • Fits AFCO, JRI, Ohlins, Penske, Pro and others.
  • **** Does not fit QA1 6200 Series ****

CNC machined aluminum spring cage allows you to pre-load a 3” x 10” coil over spring independently of the shock. This allows for quick and easy shock and spring changes. Used commonly on the right rear of asphalt late models with softer springs from 100# to 200#. If you take the free height of a 150# spring and add 1 inch of pre-load, you now have a spring that has 300 lbs of pre-load. As the car transfers the pre-load lightens and the spring acts like its much lighter. In turn giving more forward traction.

Scott 8.5MM Performance Wires

Scott 8.5MM Performance Wires

  • 8.5mm HEI Style with Wire Wound Suppression Core. 
  • High Temp Silicone Spark Plug Boots. 
  • Stainless Steel Spark Plug Terminals. 
  • Heat Sleeving
  • Shrink Sleeving  
  • Cylinder Numbering Kit   
  • Factory Assembled, no need to cut and terminate the ends yourself.
Manufactured byScott Performance Wires these wire sets give you the performance our competition cant match.  The most powerful wire ever!  Each set of wires are meticulously hand crafted which not only assures quality control it also provides the flexibility needed to meet the demand of every customer.  Scott Performance Spark Plug Wires are the choice of top engine builders and race teams across the country.   Coil wire available separately.  Stocking sets in 9 colors for 602 & 604 Crates also universal SBC set.
"Different by Design"