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Auto Clearing All Make & Performance is the Western Canadian Distributor for American Racer® Tires. We are committed to the future of racing and will work hard to supply tires that provide safe, competitive racing at a fair price with the support that every racer spending their hard earned money deserves. From the Manitoba/Ontario border West we are your call for Race tires of all types!!
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Featured Products

Lightweight, Heavy Duty 10.4

Lightweight, Heavy Duty 10.4" Clutch Kit


  • 1 1/8" Diameter Shaft
  • 10-Spline
  • 10.4" Diameter Disc
  • GM, Circle Track Kit
  • 16.0 lbs
These industry-leading Circle Track high performance clutch kits feature a disc with a dual-sided Organic friction surface. They're designed to hold up over time against high rpm, huge loads, and high heat. 
We also stock Lightweight Flywheels for GM "602" & "604" Crate Motors as well as Pre '85 Small Block Chevy's. Call with your application.
DayLube Nanoceramic Racing Grease

DayLube Nanoceramic Racing Grease

DAYlube is a high performance, highly stable lubricant that delivers unmatched performance, durability and wear resistance.  NanoCeramic particles--the key component--act as submicroscopic ball bearings that have an affinity for steel due to their crystalline molecular structure, providing continuous lubrication at the surface.  The grease offers a Lower Coefficient of Friction at all temperatures.  It provides exceptional resistance to extreme pressures and corrosion.
Ideal for Bearings, Bushings, Axle Splines, Drive Plates, Rod Ends,
Universal Joints, Jack Screws, etc.
Features & Benefits....
Staying Power-extraordinary adhesion extends production to 10 times that of other greases.  Shear Stability-does not soften or run out.  After 100,000 production strokes, shows no evidence of breaking down. Operating Temperatures-operates in a normal range from -40° F to +800° F, plus ceramic particles remain intact up to 2500° F.  Extreme Pressure & Anti-Wear Protection-resists EP, provides exceptional stability without using lead, antimony, chlorine, zinc, barium, etc.  Corrosion Resistant-resists water, steam, acid, and other chemicals. High Dropping Point-maintains viscosity across full temperature range.  Low Coefficient of Friction-lower than PTFE greases.  Chemically Inert-environmentally friendly.  Low Dielectric Constant-excellent insulator.  Resilient-upon cooling returns to original viscosity after reaching dropping point.
Available in 1oz syringe, 16oz tube & 16oz jar
Integra Sealed Body Shocks

Integra Sealed Body Shocks

A steel body shock with Integra quality! Designed and manufactured for both coil-over and non coil-over applications. These shocks can be mounted upside down for reduced unsprung weight. Cam over seal design that eliminates over 60% of normal seal drag, this space age design allows this shock to have the least amount of seal drag of any steel production shock on the market today! A wide variety of split valves and standard valves are available to meet the changing track conditions. This steel body shock features a 5/8" diameter shaft and a 2.10" outer diameter body. Check out all the valving here.
Stroke       Extended       Compressed
   7"             19-1/4"              12-1/4"       
   9"             23-1/4"              14-1/4"       
Titan Spring Pre-Load Cartridge

Titan Spring Pre-Load Cartridge

  • Fits 10" & 12" x 3" Diameter Springs
  • Enlarged I.D. to fit most Shock Bodies
  • Has an Incorporated Rubber O-Ring as a travel indicator
  • Machined out to allow the release of heat around the shock
  • Extra depth on the top of the body to fit all brands of shock nuts
  • Fits AFCO, JRI, Ohlins, Penske, Pro and others.
  • **** Does not fit QA1 6200 Series ****

CNC machined aluminum spring cage allows you to pre-load a 3” x 10” coil over spring independently of the shock. This allows for quick and easy shock and spring changes. Used commonly on the right rear of asphalt late models with softer springs from 100# to 200#. If you take the free height of a 150# spring and add 1 inch of pre-load, you now have a spring that has 300 lbs of pre-load. As the car transfers the pre-load lightens and the spring acts like its much lighter. In turn giving more forward traction.

2016 Incentive Program

2016 Incentive Program