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Auto Clearing All Make & Performance is the Western Canadian Distributor for American Racer® Tires. We are committed to the future of racing and will work hard to supply tires that provide safe, competitive racing at a fair price with the support that every racer spending their hard earned money deserves. From the Manitoba/Ontario border West we are your call for Race tires of all types!!
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Featured Products

Coleman - Caliper Mounting Bolt & Shim Kit

Coleman - Caliper Mounting Bolt & Shim Kit

This caliper bolt and shim kit has the parts needed to properly space your calipers on the disc center line. For Superlight style calipers.

KRC 602 Crate Engine Pulley Kit

KRC 602 Crate Engine Pulley Kit

After spending a bunch of quality time on the phone with the fine folks at KRC Power we have finally come up with a serpentine kit for the 602 crate classes that have to use a cast iron water pump. The kit consists of a Stewart Stage I Water Pump, A KRC Cast Power Steering Pump w/aluminum reservoir, and a Serpentine Belt Drive kit with a Block Mount P/S Pump Bracket. Available Now!!!

Wilwood "BP" Smart Pads

 The BP compound SmartPad series represents the latest developments and refinements in friction pad technology. Four different compounds, with incremental changes in friction values and temperature operating range, provide racers and performance driving enthusiasts with the ability to match and optimize brake system response and performance covering applications from street performance to dedicated competition.
BP-10   Low-Med Temperature & Friction
• Baseline pad in Wilwood Bolt-On Brake Kits for hot rods,
 muscle cars, and most street & drag strip applications.
• Light dusting, quiet engagement pads with increased
 friction, response, and an extended temperature range
 with higher fade resistance over OE type compounds
• Soft response pad for lighter duty, economy class dirt
 track categories, especially in marginal traction
BP-20   Med-High Temperature & Friction
• A true dual-sport performance compound providing
 clean and quiet driving on the street, with an expanded
 temperature and friction range for competition
• Upgrade pad for our bolt-on brake kits for auto-cross,
 track events, and heavier weight, high speed drag cars
• Intermediate level dirt track use on limited tire, open
 wheel modifieds, and all types of hobby class racing
BP-30   High Temperature & Friction
• Race only compound with positive low to mid-temp
 range response and increased friction, fade resistance,
 and durability in the higher temperature ranges
• Hard braking dirt tracks, high momentum asphalt tracks,
 intermediate level road course applications, and all types
 of off-road competition with sustained high heat
BP-40   X-High Temperature & Friction
• Aggressive high friction, fade resistant, long wearing race
 only formula for sustained high heat applications
• Asphalt oval tracks, road courses, extreme duty dirt, and
 all types of off-road competition
ROTOR COMPATIBILITY: BP compound Smart Pads are fully
compatible with all types of iron, steel, stainless, and titanium
rotors when run within their respective temperature capabilities.
For aluminum rotors, use Purple Pads or PolyMatrix Q only.
Driven Race Wax

Driven Race Wax

Race Wax delivers a low-drag, high-gloss finish that protects any surface. Developed for use by Joe Gibbs Racing, Driven Racing Oil Race Wax is a performance spray wax and cleaner that delivers a smooth, glossy finish and effectively sheds dirt, tire rubber and track debris. This race-proven product is perfect for cleaning and protecting painted surfaces, full decal wraps and fiberglass panels. Providing unmatched protection for decal graphic wraps, this wax enables a new level of design creativity in vehicle styling. Designed for quick and easy application, this wax will not damage the decal, paint or windows, and clean up is simple. Driven Racing Oil Race Wax is available in 24 oz. spray bottles and creates a perfect, eye-catching shine.
Integra Sealed Body Shocks

Integra Sealed Body Shocks

A steel body shock with Integra quality! Designed and manufactured for both coil-over and non coil-over applications. These shocks can be mounted upside down for reduced unsprung weight. Cam over seal design that eliminates over 60% of normal seal drag, this space age design allows this shock to have the least amount of seal drag of any steel production shock on the market today! A wide variety of split valves and standard valves are available to meet the changing track conditions. This steel body shock features a 5/8" diameter shaft and a 2.10" outer diameter body. Check out all the valving here.
Stroke       Extended       Compressed
   7"             19-1/4"              12-1/4"       
   9"             23-1/4"              14-1/4"