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Hans Sport Series 2

The Hans Sport Series 2 Device offers all the same safety performance as the other Hans Devices, but features an all new rounded collar. The new design not only saves on weight (lighter then the basic Sport - heavier then the Pro), but allows for easier entry/exit in many smaller, tighter vehicles. Constructed from an injection molded super structural carbon fiber, the Hans Sport Series II is available with a 20-degree layback and in Medium or Large sizes. SFI 38.1 and FIA 8858 certified
  • Same performance as all HANS Device models
  • Lower, rounded collar for easier exit from some vehicles
  • Lighter than Sport Series, heavier than Pro Series

AP - Directional 60 Vane Heavy Duty J-Hook Rotors

  • 60 vane
  • 11.75" x 1.25", 8 Bolt Mount, 7" Bolt Circle
  • Heavy Duty, J-Hook design allows the disc to heat more evenly
  • Machined balanced, Less Vibration
  • Improves initial bite
  • Higher brake torque
 Exclusive "J-Hook" GT SERIES DIRECTIONAL VANE Rotor's improve braking performance and are thermally stable with very high cooling efficiency. These Rotors use 60 full" length vanes that support the entire face of the rotor - for excellent strength. The "J-Hook" design offers some advantages over grooved rotors; greater initial bite, superior pad cleaning, faster pad release and reduced thickness variation. The advantages that this provides are faster reaction, less susceptible to glazing, brake drag, and brake pad build up.

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Coleman Slotted HD Brake rotors

These Coleman brake rotors fit all hubs and brake hats with 8 bolt 7" bolt circles. They feature 40 directional vanes for superior cooling and are ideal for heavy duty braking applications such as on the front of asphalt late model or dirt cars. They have cross hatch gas vents to keep the pads from glazing and provide optimum braking.